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Economic democracy: the need for a vision (part 1)

Sunday, J August 2009

In politics, being competitive in the realm of ideas is a prerequisite to being competitive anywhere else. The following is the first part of an attempt to start mapping out an explicitly pro-working class vision upon which a wider movement might be built, namely that of economic democracy as opposed to state socialism or ‘free-market’ capitalism. Part 1 attempts to cover the philosophical underpinning, the ‘why’ of economic democracy; part 2 will begin looking into the ‘what’ and ‘how’. (more…)

Kicking away the ladder at home and abroad: immigration, globalisation and neo-liberalism

Friday, J August 2008

The administrators of the British economy and UK plc have openly admitted that the recent large scale immigration into the UK has acted to depress wages, something they welcome as a positive development. Meanwhile, the middle class left condemns anyone who acknowledges the possibility that immigration may being used as a weapon of class warfare by business against the domestic working class as reactionary, racist and right-wing, a stance that benefits no-one except the BNP. What might be a progressive, pro-working class position on this most contentious of issues? (more…)

The soul of man under neo-liberalism

Saturday, J May 2008

In 2007, 27 teenagers were murdered in London, a record. 2008 is well on course to beat that: just over a third of the way through the year, 13 teenagers have been killed already, with the summer still to come.What is responsible for this upsurge? Why are children killing each other—and others – in these kind of numbers? (more…)

‘More like arbitrary execution’

Tuesday, J March 2008

During the period 1972-6, the gap in life expectancy between social classes I and V was 5.4 years for men and 4.8 years for women. By the time New Labour succeeded the Tories in government, these gaps had risen to 9.4 years and 6.3 years respectively (see tables 1 and 3 in ‘Life expectancy by social class’, UK Government Statistics). (more…)