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The Slow Fix

Wednesday, J April 2013

The decline of the BNP has given UKIP the chance to fill the yawning gap that exists in working class political representation. By way of contrast, the current incarnations of the left are failing, yet again, to make any impression. This is repeating the pattern of recent decades, where the right have consistently out-thought the left in terms of strategy. The ongoing capitalist crisis offers real opportunities for our side, but it also presents great dangers. If the left continues to shirk its responsibility by failing to fully engage with the working class, it leaves the path clear for the continued growth of right-wing nationalism. (more…)

21st century fascism

Thursday, J May 2012

As the Eurozone crisis moves towards some kind of conclusion, the far-right are gaining ground across Europe. Mainstream commentators are noting the parallels with the 1930s, but there is one key difference: then, there was an organised, motivated working class ready to mount resistance. Today, the drift to the right faces no such obstacle.


The lumpen rebellion

Wednesday, J August 2011

What lies behind the riots seen on English streets three weeks ago?

When in doubt, escalate

Sunday, J January 2011

Ireland and Greece have had austerity forced upon them. Here in the UK, the coalition government has voluntarily chosen it. Why?


Health inequalities worst since the Great Depression – with the cuts still to come

Tuesday, J July 2010

Inequalities in premature death are as high as they have ever been in this country, and this is before the cuts. The Lib-Con coalition thinks that deep, swingeing spending cuts are the only way to get this country out of its economic hole, but is there any justification for that view? Or is there another agenda at work? (more…)