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Archive for March 2008

Has society turned its back on itself?

Monday, J March 2008

Initially, it was a little hard to figure out what lay behind the BBC decision to commission The White Season. But when taking on board the subsequent general air of BBC defensiveness, it is probably fair to assume it hasn’t worked out exactly as planned. (more…)

‘More like arbitrary execution’

Tuesday, J March 2008

During the period 1972-6, the gap in life expectancy between social classes I and V was 5.4 years for men and 4.8 years for women. By the time New Labour succeeded the Tories in government, these gaps had risen to 9.4 years and 6.3 years respectively (see tables 1 and 3 in ‘Life expectancy by social class’, UK Government Statistics). (more…)

For a few dollars more—help the IWCA stand in the local elections

Sunday, J March 2008

Tabernas desert, Spain‘FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE’


The Magnificent Seven will be walking across the Tabernas Desert in southern Spain (home of the spaghetti western – see picture below) to raise money for the IWCA campaign in the May local elections in Oxford and Thurrock. In Oxford in particular the IWCA is expected to face a fierce onslaught from New Labour (more…)