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Archive for April 2008

Brown’s folly

Sunday, J April 2008

Satirist Rory Bremner put it best. Describing Gordon Brown he said; “It’s like having an uncle who’s been building something in the shed at the bottom of the garden for the past ten years. You look through the window and there’s nothing there.” (more…)

Message to all liberals: ‘you’re in a hole—drop the shovel!’

Thursday, J April 2008

With the local elections less than a month away, there seems to be more than a reasonable prospect that the BNP will make a breakthrough in the GLA elections in London. This should not come as too much of a surprise as immigration, often seen as a euphemism for race, has over the last decade or so, steadily climbed the rankings to near topping the table of concerns for many people. (more…)