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Archive for June 2008

‘Society is indeed broken’—and we all know who broke it

Wednesday, J June 2008

An IWCA take on New Labour’s latest law and order gimmick. (more…)

New Labour plc?

Thursday, J June 2008

Recently support for New Labour registered at 23% nationally, the lowest since opinion polling began back in 1938. The party has lost 53% of its membership between 1997 and 2006 and will undoubtedly have lost considerably more since. It is struggling to pay off loans which with interest amounts to an estimate of between £24 to 28 million. Annual running costs amount to £25 million and private donors are understandably refusing to step up to the plate. And why would they? It’s not as if New Labour will do something for them that the Tories won’t. (more…)

Labour’s lost ground

Thursday, J June 2008

A recent article in The Guardian comfirms what we have long predicted: the BNP is filling the vacuum created by the collapsing Labour Party and the strategies pursued by professional anti-fascist organisations—who seek to keep the BNP on the sidelines together with the disenchanted working class communities who might be tempted to support them—are actally helping to promote the mistaken belief that the BNP are the radical alternative. (more…)