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As London detectives are investigate their 116th murder this year the Left pines for an ordinary decent racist murder – what’s progressive about that?

Tuesday, J October 2018

As of 29 October, London detectives are investigating their 116th murder this year. In March, it was reported that the London Air Ambulance is used more for victims of knife or gun crime than for road traffic accidents. And were it not for the battlefield skills of the trauma surgeons in London’s hospitals the death rate would easily be double or even triple. It is the potential murders, (5,570 knife crimes resulting in injury or an attempt to inflict serious harm) rather than fatalities that illustrate the truer picture.

Yet until recently liberal opinion was stridently insistent that violent crime was down, or alternatively the level of knife, gun and acid attacks were somehow entirely normal. Just because the killers all too often shared the same politically inconvenient heritage, ‘move along, nothing to see here’ was the message.

Victims of knife crime in London 2018