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Archive for August 2019

Poor French people: legitimate targets

Friday, J August 2019

While Western liberal opinion has wrung its hands over authoritarian measures deployed against protestors in Hong Kong and Moscow, less attention has been paid to the low level counterinsurgency that the French state has been engaged in against its own citizens for several months. To get away with violent repression, it turns out you just have to be seen as a liberal globaliser fighting against the ‘left behinds’.

Eye injuries sustained by Hong Kong protester and 4 of the 24 Gilets Jaunes who have lost an eye since November 2018

Left: Woman shot in the eye with suspected bean bag round during Hong Kong protests. Right: just four of the Gilet Jaunes protesters who have lost an eye from police 'non-lethal' flash rounds. In total 24 protesters have been blinded in one eye since November 2018.