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According to the liberal Left, even discussing the lumpen criminal gangs responsible for the epidemic of black-on-black knife killings is racist or reactionary, but when looked at objectively it is clearly the other way round

London murders, 2018Regarding the knife crime epidemic, why is it the experts appear to be unwilling or unable to distinguish between cause and effect?

With the particularly vicious murder of 14 year old Jayden Moodie in Leyton sparking the usual handwringing in the media, fingers are again pointed in all directions – ‘austerity’, ‘racist police’, ‘single parent families’, ‘gang culture’, ‘drill music’ and, currently trending, ‘school exclusion’. But what no one can seem to agree on is – what is cause and what is effect?

If being excluded from school is being pointed to as a possible reason the latest young victim had taken a wrong turn in life, then the same mitigation would most likely apply to his killers too (who may turn out to be not much older), who stabbed him to death while he was lying prone and unconscious in the road after they deliberately ran him down. In truth it is only those who adhere to what is the lumpen ‘wolf and sheep’ philosophy that can rationalise the wanton overkill.

And it is very far an isolated case. In the first half of 2018 alone, teenage fatalities aside, 69,000 children aged 10 to 15 had been wounded. Yet the middle class left continue to pretend the situation is entirely normal simply because they don’t have the stomach for the untangling.

No surprise then that Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan was lying doggo following a blizzard of knife attacks in the first week of 2019, and with good reason. He had declared during his election campaign that “he would do everything in his power to limit stop and search” only to declare with equal conviction at the end of last year that “it is a vital tool to keep our communities safe” and would be “significantly increased”. And as a result of the subsequent crackdown, the ‘Met’ boasts of 500 guns and over four times that many knives having been taken off the streets, while a violent crime task force created only in April has made more than 2000 arrests since. How many young black lives might have been saved had the ‘see no evil’ line been ditched earlier? It is anyone’s guess.

But Mayor Khan would be the last one to ask. As yet he has neither provided an explanation or evidence for the policy switch. Nor to be fair has he exactly been hounded by the media to come up with an answer either. Conveniently, a casual Google search reveals liberal priorities for which he was the standard bearer: not the on-going butchering of young teenagers but the profiling of potentially guilty parties by an ‘institutionally racist’ police.

It is this mind-set which led former Black Police Association chair Leroy Logan last week to insinuate without challenge from a Channel 4 News presenter that politicians might be more concerned if the “victims were white”.’ Twenty four hours later, on Thursday’s Question Time comedian Nish Kumar announced himself “disgusted that racist stop and search had support on the panel”: cue thunderous applause from the white middle class audience. Although sharing a common ideological root, this denunciation stands in stark contradiction to the assertion by Logan a day earlier. On the one hand police indifference is down to the victims being black, while on the other police are condemned for instituting a crackdown on the lumpen inspiration behind the epidemic of black on black killings.

Needless to say, even raising the matter of criminal gangs and the philosophy which underpins them has been regarded by the liberal Left as racist or reactionary from the off, yet when looked at objectively it is clearly the other way round.

As things stand the utter vacuity behind liberal thinking (as exemplified by Mayor Khan’s volte face) has been laid bare on this particular topic, while the wider dangers of continually squeezing each and every social problem into some sort of racial framework are yet to come fully to fruition. But as many countries in Europe already bear out, in the long run there can be only one political beneficiary from so a fatal a blend of cant, cowardice, and folly. (For earlier analysis see Why liberals pine for an ordinary decent racist murder.

This article first appeared on the Independent Working Class Association facebook page on the date given above and has been transferred here in August 2019.

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